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A wide variety of civilizations have relied on “hot air baths” and other forms of improvised sauna for ages. While sauna use is still popular today, infrared treatment has emerged as a cutting-edge alternative that promises many health advantages. Although traditional saunas used to produce fire under a temporary lodge to provide heat, modern saunas use infrared lights to warm the body instead of direct contact. This treatment is especially useful for those who cannot withstand the heat and humidity of a conventional sauna since the waves may go deeper into the tissues without significantly increasing the surrounding temperature. To know the benefits of this infrared therapy, read this post carefully. 

Perks of Taking Infrared Sauna Therapy

How much extra is it, exactly? Let’s look at how infrared therapy benefits your health beyond just the obvious:- 

  •  Improved Skin Tone 

By relaxing the muscles around the blood vessels, infrared treatment improves blood flow to all body parts. Boosted blood flow not only carries away waste; it also brings vital oxygen and nutrients to the skin’s surface. Infrared sauna treatment may be beneficial for skin tone and wrinkle reduction since our skin needs these nutrients to produce collagen (which maintains our skin tight). 

  • Flushes Out Toxins

Pesticides, toxic materials, PCBs in plastics, environmental degradation, and genetic modification (GMOs) are just some of the poisons our immune systems must contend with today (genetically modified organisms). When added to a bad diet maintained over many years, this may lead to a buildup of toxins and a compromised immune system.

Fortunately, infrared light sessions may provide your body with a helping hand in the detoxification process. More specifically, this is accomplished via perspiration, the rate of which has been demonstrated in several studies to promote detoxification and decrease circulating levels of pollutants. 

  • Enhances Cardiovascular Function

It has also been shown that time spent in a red-light sauna may help your cardiovascular system. Sitting in an infrared sauna has been linked to a lower risk of unexpected cardiac death, deadly coronary heart disease, fatal cardiac disease, and even all-cause mortality, according to scientific research.

Patients who undergo this sauna treatment report these benefits owing to increased heart rate, blood flow, and decreased blood pressure. Research shows that the cardiac output patients report in the sauna room is comparable to that seen during a vigorous walk. 

  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety

Heat exposure increases serotonin levels, which is why most individuals report feeling better after a session in the Lagree Fitness studio. Even just one session in the sauna has been demonstrated to alleviate serious depressive disorder symptoms for weeks thereafter in studies.

An infrared session might cause a temporary increase in cortisol levels due to the stress it causes. In contrast, regular sauna usage aids adaptation through the hormesis mechanism, leading to sustained reductions in cortisol. 

  • Pain Relief

The infrared treatment effectively reduces chronic pain, and unlike certain pain drugs, it does so without adverse effects. A study in the Netherlands indicated that patients with inflammatory arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis who participated in infrared therapy for four weeks reported decreased pain, stiffness, and exhaustion. Scientists attribute these positive effects to a decrease in inflammation, which they believe decreased friction between the patient’s joints, relieving the chronic discomfort the patient was experiencing. 

  • Wound Healing

The use of infrared has increased the rate at which wounds heal significantly. We quickly receive infrared light into our mitochondria, and NASA research has shown that this greatly promotes tissue development and cell regeneration. 

Final Thoughts

The use of infrared light to treat psychological and physiological disorders is gaining popularity. Numerous health issues have arisen because of the widespread trend toward indoor living. An alternative method of satisfying this demand is using infrared lights at a safe intensity. 

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